Stay on a farm

We warmly greet you to come and spend your time at Jädra Gård/Farm. We run a horse farm were we finding it important to interact both animals and nature to achieve good conditions for pasture and field as for haymaking in the end. At Jädra we cultivate our own blackouts for the horses, which in return gives us straw for the beds to the horses. We would be delighted to tell you more during your stay here, with us, at the farm.

Whilst you stay at Jädra Gård, why not take the chance to go horseback riding and/or take lessons to approve your riding skills. We have wonderful horses for hire. An exciting as well as an instructive experience could be to take part in the daily chores at a farm. A working day on a farm is a memory to treasure – especially for children. It’s often the little things that make up the big experiences: closeness to the animals, playful kittens and the work on the farm. You are more than welcome to participate.

Here at Jädra Gård you are surrounded by nature, including a varied wildlife.There is an adventure waiting round the corner: explore the forest, go canoeing or on a fishing trip at dawn. You will find both fishing and also swimming in a nearby lakes.At the farm live hens, a rooster, many horses, two lovely dogs and a sweet little cat.

Jädra Gård /Farm is located 45 minutes from Stockholm city centre.

For your stay there are several options.


A very charm full, typical Swedish cottage made out of timber. Red painted with white corners. There are plenty of room with a total of five rooms. Two of them are bedrooms. One is a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, fridge & freezer. Then there is the living room with a TV. The bathroom is modern renovated and includes floor heating and a shower. You will have laundry and tumble dryer in the house.Patio and BBQ are also available.


This is a more basic way of living. The old house made out of timber has its ancestry from the beginning of the 1900-century. There are three beds (one bunk bed), a wood fired sauna and a shower. You will have access to a kitchen in the nearby stables.


Anna-Mia and Thomas